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In 1997 RefTec had entered the HVACR industry as an innovative solutions provider and manufacturer of custom commercial and industrial recovery units. RefTec International Systems manufactures and supplies the HVAC industry with refrigerant recovery systems. Also, building standard and customized refrigerant recovery, purge, and chiller pressurizing equipment. These units are used as service tools in the HVACR industry. RefTec provides engineering designed to provide its’ customers with customized solutions to meet their commercial and industrial needs. Whatever your HVAC service needs may be, RefTec solves the biggest problems.

Additionally, our unmatched quality and constant quest for innovation has landed RefTec in over 100 countries worldwide. The desire to provide customers with refrigerant handling products that fit their needs has kept RefTec at the forefront of the industry.

Moreover, Reftec leads the HVAC Industry by introducing customized chiller service products to land and sea based platforms. Although these refrigerant recovery systems can be found in casinos to cruise ships, many are sold in the US. Reftec’s oil recovery units are proven safe and effective way to meet the requirements of the environmental regulations. With the rising number of larger chiller systems built over the last few years, Reftec will have developed the refrigerant recovery tools needed to handle such large charges. Working with engineers and technicians in the field, Reftec has consistently been able to provide the right products to complete the job.

Your needs, our knowledge.

Cheetah Low and Medium Pressure Recovery

Cheetah Low and Medium Pressure Recovery

The Cheetah low and medium pressure recovery unit is the fastest recovery with R11, R123, R245fa ......

Lite Evac Recovery Unit

Lite Evac HP Refrigerant Recovery Equipment

The Lite Evac 110V commercial recovery unit from RefTec is the fastest unit of its kind available. Capable of recovering most high pressure refrigerants including R410a.

Refrigerant Reclaim Systems

Shark Recovery and Recycling System

The Shark Recovery and Recycling System is the only unit in the world certified by AHRI to clean gas back to ARI 700 standards.

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