Hyperwatt Chiller Pressurizer

Item #: HPS Hot Water Chiller Pressurizer

Higher 30kW Capacity Rapidly Pressurizes a Chiller

  • Hot Water Chiller Pressurizer
  • Microprocessor displays step-by-step operating instructions.
  • When desired chiller pressure level is reached, the pump shuts down. Automatically re-energizes to maintain stable pressure.
  • Microprocessor monitors chiller pressure and prevents generation of excessive pressure.
  • Thermal sensors prevent heating element overload and burnout.
  • Sensor halts operations should water flow cease.
  • 125-lb portable model easily managed by one man and maneuvered around tight mechanical rooms.
  • Permanent mount unit is hard piped to a chiller. Maintains the chiller at slightly positive pressure during seasonal shutdown.

Because the leakage of the chiller system not only causes the refrigerant to leak or the outside air to penetrate causing economic losses and polluting the environment. The tightness of the chiller system is usually an important indicator of the quality of the installation or manufacturing of the refrigeration device. Commissioning personnel to carefully check the system for leaks is key.

The Hyperwatt Chiller Pressurizer compresses the refrigerant gas, which increases its temperature and pressure. The high-pressure gas then flows to the condenser. The Hyperwatt pressurizer comes in a portable mount unit and a permanent mount unit to maintain slightly positive pressure during winter shutdown.

The Hyperwatt Chiller Pressurizer can also be used for leak detection. For high pressure systems, the leak detection pressure is approximately 1.25 times the design condensing pressure; the leak detection pressure for low pressure systems should be approximately 1.20 times the saturation pressure under summer temperature conditions.

Hot Water Chiller Pressurizer
Hyperwatt Chiller Pressurizer


Power Controls & water pump

115/60/1, 110/50/1, 15A


22”D x 20”W x 51” H




40 character, 2 row backlighted LCD

Pressure settings

0 to 10 psi


1-year parts

Order Information


Service Cart: 230-460/60/3, 220/415/50/3, 20/40A


Permanent mount: 230-460/60/3, 220/415/50/3, 20/40A

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