Corken Coro-Vane CD-Series High Pressure Pump

Coro-Vane CD-Series High Pressure Pumps

Coro-Vane CD-Series High Pressure Pumps with v-belt or gear reduced direct-drive mounting options.

Corken CD-Series Coro-Vane® pumps produce a maximum differential pressure of 125 psig (8.6bar g). Corken manufactures four sizes of Coro-Vane pumps, ranging from 20 to 400 gpm (4.5–90.9m3/hr). These pumps handle discharge pressures up to 400 psig (27.6 bar g). These pumps are designed for light liquids with viscosities below 10,000 SSU.

Product Features

  • Compact size
  • Exceptional in light liquid & liquefied gas transer
  • High pumping efficiencies throughout life of pump
  • Handles small amounts of vapor
  • Suction lift
  • Vanes are self adjusting
  • Modularity throughout pump line
  • Years of service

Product Options

  • Hydraulic drive
  • Integral gear
  • NPT or ANSI flanged
  • Internal relief valve

Long Life and Ease of Maintenance

The pump housing and rotors are constructed of ductile iron for extra strength and long life. The sliding vanes are self-adjusting which allows for longer life and higher efficiencies throughout the life of the pump. The pump series is inexpensive and simple to repair. The pump design includes removable pump casing cams (liners) and reversible/replaceable side plates which when worn can be replaced in minutes. The seal and bearings can be replaced in minutes by simply removing four bolts. 

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