Z-Series Truck Pump

Coro-Vane Z-Series Truck Pumps

Coro-Vane Z-Series Truck Pumps are specifically designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump over speeding, poor suction conditions and heavy thrust loads associated with a power take-off (PTO) drive system.

Corken’s Coro-Vane® positive displacement sliding vane pumps are an excellent choice for propane, butane, and agricultural ammonia applications. The self-adjusting sliding vanes improve the pumping efficiency and extend the life of the pump.  Remove the pump head and give the user full access to the rotor, cam, side plates, seals, and bearings.  All of Corken’s LPG sliding vane pumps are equipped with a non-adjustable internal relief valve pre-set at the factory so no adjustments in the field are necessary.

Z-Series Coro-Vane® pumps offer a six blade design with blade drivers and a patented needle roller thrust bearing rated for 4,000 lbs. The needle roller thrust bearings protects the pump against dynamic impact loads imposed on the pump by the drive system. Premature failures due to axial thrust loads are minimized on truck applications. With O-ring construction throughout, they are rated for 400 psi (28.6 bar) working pressure.


  • Innovative cam design virtually eliminates cavitation
  • New materials utilized in cam and blades extend pump life
  • Large diameter non-metallic pins are suitable for higher pump speeds
  • Locked rotor is factory set with shim adjusted thrust bearings which are rated in excess of 4,000 lb
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