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Product Videos

YouTube product videos linked are videos posted on by Reftec International. Numerous studies have shown that videos can increase conversions across the board. For example a product video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%, or an explainer video can increase sales by 74%. It all boils down to the fact that video can engage viewers and spur them into taking advantage more effectively than other mediums. RefTec is on the verge of creating more videos for the majority of our equipment and products. We would like to hear from you on which ones we should create first. RefTec will create recovery, reclaim, and maybe some polishing with desiccant bed videos. RefTec has low pressure as well as high pressure equipment to produce videos in each category. 

Good instructional videos delivers information in an entertaining way while generating buzz. Videos for branding can be only a few seconds long. It should be concise and straightforward, showcasing the product’s features, functions, and benefits. Videos should have clear, detailed visuals and a compelling narrative that captivates the audience.

Effective instructional videos are concise—no more than six minutes if possible. A proven drop-off point for attention is right at 6 minutes so we will have a clear purpose and focus, and, above all, be interesting and engaging. Does this sound like a video you would watch? Please contact us through our form and let us know what you would like to view and familiarize yourself with RefTec recovery equipment. Someone from our marketing department will follow up with you and discuss your requests. RefTec looks forward to hearing from you and working on some fresh equipment videos and maybe even one on our new A2L Lite Evac unit.

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