Minipurge Refrigerant Recovery Unit: High Speed Air Removal from Low or High Pressure Refrigerants

Item #: MPS

Portable, Universal High Speed!

  • On board compressor greatly accelerates purge speed by actively pulling vapor from the cooling system, separating noncondensibles by compression, and forcing processed refrigerant liquid back into the cooling system.
  • Only system that eliminates air from both high or low pressure refrigerants.
  • Smallest and lightest purge unit on the market. At 65-lbs in weight, it is easily hand carried.
  • Vapor is pumped through a high capacity condenser then compressed in a purge vessel. Microprocessor controls calculate the most efficient time to purge non-condensibles.
  • Achieves discharge efficiency as high as 0.2 lb-refg/lb-noncondensibles on high pressure refrigerants. Many times more efficient than thermal purge units on the market.
  • Minipurge Refrigerant Recovery Unit temporarily connects to chillers and storage tanks charged with high or low pressure refrigerants and rapidly eliminates non-condensibles. Unit is ideal for supplementing thermal purge units during seasonal start ups on R11 or R123 chillers.
  • Custom high speed purgers for large tonnage high or low pressure chillers.

A 0.5hp compressor draws refrigerant vapor, pumps it through a condenser, and compresses it in a stainless steel purge vessel. Condensed refrigerant is forced back to the cooling system or recovery tank. When pressure rises to a certain point, non-condensibles are discharged with virtually no loss of refrigerant. 

Purge Systems For Chillers
Minipurge Refrigerant Recovery Unit


Discharge High Pressure
Discharge Low Pressure (R123)

0.20-lb refrigerant/lb-noncondensibles
0.08-lb refrigerant/lb-noncondensibles

Dimensions – (L x W x H)

36″ x 10″ x 16″


65 lbs.


3/8″ flare


1-year parts


115/60/1, 110/50/1, 15A, 0.5hp
230/60/1, 220/50/1, 15A, 0.5hp

Part Number

Power Options


115/60/1, 110/50/1, 0.5HP, 20A


230/60/1, 220/50/1, 0.5HP, 15A


115/60/1, 110/50/1, 15A, 0.5hp
230/60/1, 220/50/1, 15A, 0.5hp

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