Shark Recovery and Recycling System

Item #: Shark Recovery and Recycling System

Shark Recovery and Recycling System is the first and only unit to gain AHRI certification for cleaning dirty R134a back to ARI 700 standard reclaimed gas in a single pass. UWizing a rugged open drive compressor, easily serviceable desiccant tubes and an oversized condensing fan, The Shark quickly removes, oil, acids, moisture and hard particulates from even the dirtiest of gases. Used in conjunction with RefTec’s MiniPurge System, the gas produced meets AHRl’s standards for non condensables as well. With any large facility or business energy savings and sustainability are issues that constantly need to be addressed. 

With HVAC systems being one of the largest consumers of energy in any facility, the need to keep them running at peak efficiency is of the utmost importance. For every 1% of contamination The Shark Reclaim Unit removes, 2% of efficiency has been restored. This unit can literally save companies millions of dollars on an annual basis. The Shark by RefTecwill keep your refrigerant like new, saving companies millions in energy costs, equipment downtime, service and replacement. If you are looking for a powerful refrigerant reclaim/recycle system that will pay for itself in a few jobs, The Shark is it!

Specifications – R134a Rates

Direct Liquid:             
5.34lbs/min (2.42kgs/min)

 2.89lbs/min (1.31kgs/min)

2.03lbs/min (.92kgs/min)


54” x 30” x 70”    


Float Connection:
3-Pin BH

Low Pressure Switch:

Certified by AHRI 740, ETL, UL-1963

1 48 Cu Inch Standard Drier Core
1 48 Cu Inch Pleated Element Core
2 Spare Oil Separator Filters
1 25ft power cord (bare end)
20lbs   Sieve Desiccant (8×12 Mesh)

Ordering Info:
SHARK-230 – RECOVERY/RECYCLE UNIT 230V, 60Hz, 1Ph, 3Hp, 30A
MPS-115 – MINIPURGE UNIT 115V, 60Hz, 1Ph, .5Hp, 15A

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Shark Recovery and Recycling System
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