A2L Lite Evac Cart Mount Recovery Unit

A2L Lite Evac Cart Portable High Speed Recovery of A2L (R-32,R-454B,R-454C,R-1234yf, R-1234ze) & Standard High Pressure Refrigerants.


Push/Pull Rates (R410a)                      65-lbs/min

Vapor Rates (R410a)                             1.75-lbs/min

Dimensions (L x W x H in inches)        23-3/4″ X 28-1/4″ X 46″

Float Connection                                    3-pin BH

Low Pressure Switch                             15″ Hg

Liquid and Vapor ports                          1/2″ threaded connect


A2L Lite Evac Recovery Equipment

High Speed, High Efficiency Recovery of A2L & High Pressure Refrigerants.

  • Fast and portable unit for high pressure mildly flammable A2L refrigerants
  • Unit is mounted in a solid lightweight aluminum frame
  • For use with medium to large tonnage chillers working with A2L refrigerants
  • 2 large tires for ease of mobility
  • R410a rated
  • Commercial lightweight unit at only 161 lbs
  • 80% tank full switch and 12′ cable
  • Air cooled unit
  • Heavy duty lift handles
  • UL certified – A2L Mildly Flammable Refrigerant Recovery Equipment

Certifications Certified by Intertek to UL-1963 Standards

Order Number                           Specifications

LRH-HT-A-115_A2L                  115V/60HZ/1PH/20A, 110V/50HZ/1PH/20A

LRH-HT-A-240_A2L                  230V/60HZ/1PH/20A, 220V/50HZ/1PH/20A


2- 30 cubic inch Filter Driers

80% Tank Float Cable (12ft)

50ft Power Chord


050-010-LRH                             Hose Kit consisting of (2) 10′ and (1) 20′ hoses, all 1/2″ diameter

LRHWCK                                    Water Cooled Condenser Kit for additional Vapor Recovery

**A2L refrigerants can be a single refrigerant or a blend of multiple refrigerants in specifics amounts and have a lower flammability rating compared to A3 refrigerants such as hydrocarbons, propane and isobutane. They also have a lower toxicity rating than B series refrigerants such as ammonia. In fact, A2L refrigerants are considered the second safest class of refrigerants. A2Ls have been in use for years in small HVAC appliances such as window units or packaged terminal air conditioners. They have also been used overseas in residential and commercial HVAC equipment. Moving forward, there will be two primary refrigerants that be used for comfort cooling: R-454B and R-32. Now with the certification of the A2L Lt Evac Cart.

A2L light Evac for mildly flammable refrigerants
A2L Certified to UL-1963 Standards
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