Cheetah Low and Medium Pressure Recovery

Item #: CLP Cheetah Low and Medium Pressure Recovery

Fast Recovery for Large Tonnage R11 & R123 Chillers

The RefTec CHEETAH recovery system provides efficient and safe recovery of most low pressure refrigerants. The unit consists of a 2-hp motor driving a high capacity 10.6 ft3/min vacuum pump water cooled condenser, system pressure gauge, tank pressure gauge, a valving system consisting of one manually operated 3-way valve, oil return valve and one 2-way evacuation valve. 

After an internal 2 minute timer delay, CHEETAH starts recovery by letting refrigerant migrate from the A/C System to the recovery tank. It then draws vapor off the recovery tank, lowering tank vapor pressure, heats vapor and increases pressure via compression, and injects it back into the A/C System condenser, thus creating a pressure differential for a push/pull liquid transfer.

R11, R113, R123, R114, R245fa, R514a
Recovery Unit With Welch 10.6 CFM
Vacuum Pump


Push/Pull Rates

R123- 123-lbs/min : R11- 148-lbs/min

Vapor Rates

R123- .91-lbs/min : R11- 1.65-lbs/min


¾” Male Flare or Optional Quick Connects


Inches: l x w x h : 26 x 22 x 44


228-lbs (shipping 300-lbs)

Float Connection:

3-pin BH 29″ Hg

Condenser Connection:

Standard ¾” Garden Hose Connection

Cheetah Low and Medium Pressure Recovery
Cheetah LP & HP Unit
  • R123:             123lbs/min push/pull liquid,         .91lbs/min vapor
  • Water-cooled plate exchanger provides excellent condensing capacity
  • Easy operations
  • Simple switch from liquid to vapor recovery
  • Built in hose evacuation setting
  • Automatic low pressure cutoff
  • Automatic high pressure safety cutoff
  • 10.6 CFM heavy duty vacuum pump
  • Pulls greater than 29Hg vacuum
  • Upright cart mount for easy portability
  • Large tires for rough terrain

Included with purchase:

One 30 cubic inch filter drier

Two ¾” x 10ft recovery hoses w/ ball valves

One ¾” x 15ft recovery hose w/ ball valves

25-ft power cord

12-ft tank float cable

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