Handivac Light Commercial Recovery Unit

Item #: RTO Handivac Light Recovery Unit

An oil free compressor works in the same way as their oil-lubricated counterparts – drawing in air, decreasing its volume, and forcing it into a pressurized storage tank. The difference is that no oil is used in the compression cylinder. Instead, lubrication and cooling are achieved by the liquid refrigerant passing through the unit. 

The HandiVac unit should not be ran for more than 30 minutes with straight refrigerant vapor. The vapor does not carry any oil and the compressor will not have lubrication running through it. With that being said, if you allow the unit to cool down for twenty to thirty minutes in between that amount of time on vapor all should be good. The HandiVac can draw vapor off of a recovery tank & force compressed gas back into the vapor side of A/C system. There is now a liquid push/pull process happening at this time.

HandiVac Offers Twice the Recovery Capacity of Typical Oil-less Units.

  • 1.5-Hp Oil-less Refrigerant Recovery Unit
  • Dual 0.75hp GoldPlus oil-less compressors double recovery rates for servicing commercial cooling units.
  • Built-in anti-slugging feature automatically prevents liquid from harming compressors during direct liquid transfer.
  • Oil-free compressors eliminate maintenance hassles. Easily switch between R12, R22, R134a, R500, R502, R410a, R409, MP39 and other high pressure refrigerants & blends.
  • Automatic low pressure shut off at 15-in. Hg.
  • Float cable connection with bypass switch included.


Push/Pull Rates (R22)


Vapor Rates (R22)


Direct Liquid (R22)



63-lbs (28.6-kg)


Dual 0.75hp

Hose Connections

3/8-in. flare


18-in x 10-in x 16-in

Handivac Light Recovery Unit

Product Numbers

  • Specifications: 110/50/1, 115/60/1, (2) 0.75hp, 15A
  • Specifications: 220/50/1, 230/60/1, (2) 0.75hp, 10A

Included With Purchase:

  • 5-cubic inch filter drier
  • 6-ft float cable (3-pin connector)
  • Two 3/8-1/4″ hose fittings
  • Power cord adapter (240V model only)
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