Lovac LP Refrigerant Recovery

Item #: CRL Lovac LP Refrigerant Recovery

RefTec’s Lovac system provides efficient and safe recovery of low-pressure refrigerants R11, R113and R123. Make sure you have a recovery tank with a minimum ¾-inch male flare vapor port, liquid port and dip tube. The tank must be able to hold the entire refrigerant charge at 80% capacity and must be pressure rated for the refrigerant type being recovered. A suitable scale should be used to weigh the refrigerant charge to prevent overfilling tanks.


Push/Pull Rates (R11)


Vapor (R11)


Final Vacuum

29-in Hg(Not Certified)


Standard: 3/4″ flare with ball valves
Accessory: Quick connect kit

Dims: l x w x h

23″ x 27″ x 34″
564mm x 686mm x 864mm

Lovac LP Refrigerant Recovery Unit
Lovac Low Pressure Recovery Unit
  • Specifications: 115/60/1,110/50/1,2hp,20A
  • Condensor: Water cooled only
  • Specifications: 230/60/1,220/50/1,2hp,15A
  • Condensor: Water cooled only
  • Quick Connect Kit
  • For 3 hoses & Lovac unit

Included with purchase:

  • 50-ft power cord


  • (2) 3/4″ x 10-ft
  • (1) 3/4″ x 20-ft


  • (1) 48 cubic inch replaceable core
  • (2) each 3/4-5/8″ fittings
  • 12-ft tank float cable (3 pin)

3/4″ flare connections with isolation ball valves are supplied as a standard feature…

Quick connect kit (KIT001) may be purchased separately and installed to flare connections on Lovac & hoses.

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