Oil Recovery

Item #: POD Oil Recovery

Used refrigerant oil is heated in a vacuum-compatible container, which is plumbed to a refrigerant collection unit. As the oil is heated, the refrigerant contained in the oil vaporizes and is collected by the collection unit. As the refrigerant concentration decreases, so do the halogen levels.
The goal of a refrigerant lubricant is to lubricate the compressor and to also have the appropriate miscibility and solubility characteristics to interact with the refrigerant accordingly. There are many different types of oil that are used in the refrigeration cycle and it all depends mostly on two things: What kind of refrigerant you are working with and what the manufacturer of the compressor calls for.
  • Chiller recharge system designed to remove old oil from the refrigerant and replace it with new oil to the chiller compressor.
  • Increases chiller efficiency without down time
  • Self limiting heater bands for faster distillation
  • 1/2″ hoses for increased speed of recovery
  • Efficient oil separation minimizes refrigerant loss
  • Effective process increases refrigerant life therefore decreasing maintenance costs








Ship Weight



24″l x 16″w x 55″h

Oil recovery
Seperate Oil

Included with purchase:

  • Two 10′-1/2″ high pressure refrigerant hoses
  • One 10ft – 3/8″ high pressure refrigerant hose
  • Two heater bands
  • One 1/2″ Sight glass
  • 1 year warranty on all parts
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