Refrigerant Liquid Pump

Item #: RLP Refrigerant Liquid Pump

This unit is a commercial and industrial grade pump used to transfer all class I, II, III, and IV refrigerants at rates up to 20GPM. Liquid pumps are typically rated in gallons/min. and their capacity is determined by measurements made on water or light oils. Since vapor is almost always present, the actual flow is often quite a lot lower. Tests have indicated that a refrigerant pump capacity is reduced by 5 to 40% due to vapor displacing the liquid in actual field conditions where restrictions have been minimized. A sub cooler on the suction side reduces vapor formation and is an effective way of increasing flow rate.


The standard model has 3/4″ male flare connections with quick-connects as an option.


  • Installation of the oil recovery system shall be in accordance with all state and local, mechanical and electrical codes.
  • Power requirements 110/115V 50/60Hz 1Ph .75Hp 15Amp, 220/230V 50/60Hz 1Ph .75Hp 15Amp.

Dimension and Weight:

  • Unit dimension shall be approximately 12.0″ high x 14.50″ wide x 9.0″ deep
  • Unit weight shall be 55-lb
  • Transfer Rate, 20GPM.

Included with Purchase:

  • Power cord


  • Filter Rack Cart: Single shell 192-Cu Inch, and Dual shell 384-Cu inch with 3/4″ flare or quick connects.
  • 3/4″ hoses 10ft and 20ft.
Refrigerant Liquid Pump
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