Storm 212/212X

212/212X Storm

212/212X Storm by Cardinal 212 is designed for non-commercial agricultural weighing applications and are equipped with a polycarbonate enclosure featuring rear shock absorber mounts combined with either a 0.8-inch/20 mm or 2-inch/51 mm high back-lit LCD with 12 or 6-digit displays. 

Features include remote inputs for Start, Zero/Clear, Print, Tare and 2XX-KEYFOB functions, numeric keypad, a count feature with accumulator, 3 Preset Weight Comparators (PWCs), plus digital fill control with Load or Unload operation and 100 ID locations including Load Count and Net Weight.

Supports up to 8 350-ohm load cells.

Cardinal Scale’s weight indicators are one of the most vital pieces of equipment available in the company’s extensive product line. These valuable implements couple with virtually any scale or weighing equipment. Each indicator is developed with the highest durability, data integration, and resolution in mind. Cardinal weight indicators service a wide range of industries, from food service and medical to industrial and agricultural weighing applications. These indicators feature stainless steel enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures, and ABS enclosures to protect vital circuitry from the elements. These indicators can be gimbal-mounted, panel-mounted, DIN-rail mounted, or placed within unattended weight kiosks. 

Cardinal Scale has a digital weight indicator for your weighing job.

212/212X Storm
Storm Indicator
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