Electronic THBC

THBC Electronic

THBC by Cardinal’s USA-made load cell kits are for use with SB and DB load cells, depending on kit. Available in mild steel, these electronic tank scale systems include three or four stand assemblies, stainless steel SB or DB series load cells, and a stainless steel junction box. They are ideal for new or existing installations.

Each kit comes complete with 3 or 4 stainless steel load cells, self-checking load cell stands, load cell cable, and a stainless steel junction box. Special self-centering load buttons protect against offset side loads. The rugged, environmentally-sealed SB series shear beam load cells, also manufactured by Cardinal Scale, are NTEP, OIML, and VCAP certified.

Double link suspension and 30 feet of load cell cable included on DB models. System capacities vary based on number of cells from 7,500 lbs to 120 tons.

THBC Electronic
Electronic Load Cell
Model Description
THBC2.5-4 Tank Scale, 4 Cell, 10,00 Lb Capacity, Mild Steel
THBCS20-4 Tank Scale, 4 Cell, 80,000 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS10-4 Tank Scale, 4 Cell, 40,000 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS5-4 Tank Scale, 4 Cell, 20,000 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS2.5-4 Tank Scale, 4 Cell, 10,00 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS20-3 Tank Scale, 3 Cell, 60,000 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS10-3 Tank Scale, 3 Cell, 30,000 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS5-3 Tank Scale, 3 Cell, 15,000 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
THBCS2.5-3 Tank Scale, 3 Cell, 7,500 Lb Capacity, Stainless Steel
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