Capture Pump

Capture Pump

DuoSeal rotary vane vacuum pumps are proven performers with low pump RPM to ensure long service life with durable precision machined steel rotor, cast iron intake, exhaust ring and metal vanes. DuoSeal models are used on the most demanding service applications such as purge pump on absorption chillers and Industrial/commercial chillers.

CRV pro models of rotary vane vacuum pumps are portable but powerful and come with forced oil lubrication and a protective coating on key internal parts. CRV pro pumps are used where high flow is required, and a lightweight and small footprint is desired for service applications such as rooftop HVAC equipment and RTUs.

Refrigerant Recovery Efficiency of 99.8%

Continuous Discharge Pressure to 30 PSIG (3.1 X 105 Pascal)

Catalog Number Description
CRR-1A Wired for 115V, 60 Hz,
1 PH with N. American 115V Plug
CRR-1B Wired for 230V, 50 Hz,
1 PH with Cont. Euro. (Schuko) Plug
Duoseal Belt Drive High Vacuum Pumps
Welch Capture Pump
Free Air Displacement
CFM (L/min) 10.6(300)
microns Hg


Ultimate Pressure (Torr)


Maximum Discharge Pressure, PSIG 30
Pressure Rating of Pump Shell, PSIG 100
Suction Connection, Female NPT 1
Discharge Connection, Female NPT 1
Oil Return Connection, in 1/4
Minimum Size of System Piping, NPT 1
Oil Capacity, qts(1) 2.5(2.4)
Motor RPM 1725
Pump RPM 525
Full Load (amps, 115/230V) 13.8/6.9
Locked Rotor (amps, 115/230V) 70/35
Overall Dimensions, LxWxH in. (cm) 19.25x12.3x11.1
Weight, lbs.(kg) 122(55.4)

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Duoseal Belt Drive High Vacuum Pumps

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