Tiger Refrigerant Packaging Bench

Refrigerant Packaging Bench

The “Tiger” refrigerant packaging bench was designed and built to provide an “easy to use” and effective tool to package bulk refrigerant into a variety of cylinder sizes. The system was designed to have a single operator working at a reasonable pace. The operator is only completing the task of re-packaging from larger DOT cylinders. The operation is to be continuous refrigerant packaging, with the input of an operator, cylinders are vacuumed first. 

The next step is filling to a set weight, and then the valve is closed by the operator, and the small amount of refrigerant held in the charging hose is recovered. The foundation of the proper operation is a left and right sequence. The operator will develop his rhythm to be filling on one side as he or she is vacuuming on the other. The Tiger it was not intended to vacuum two at a time and fill two at a time, this method is much less productive.

The standard unit is built to fill 10 to 301b, disposable or refillable cylinders.

An option for the unit is an additional scale and control system to fil! 125, ½ ton and ton cylinders.

The system and design have years of operation under it’s belt to prove it’s effectiveness.

With the use of the machine each company must develop their own QC methods.

Refrigerant Packaging Bench
Tiger Packaging Bench
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