Desiccant Bed

Item #:BDDB001

RefTec Desiccant Bed

We use desiccant beds to remove moisture and other contaminants from compressed air streams. Alternating between material drying and regeneration, ultimately providing dry resin while using a small amount of energy.

Separate towers contain the desiccant. Air is compressed through one tower, while the desiccant in the other is regenerated. Reducing the pressure in the tower and passing purge air through the desiccant bed removes moisture.

The RefTec  portable system removes moisture from refrigerant and comes with (2) 1/2″ MFL Connections, (2) 100 Mesh Strainers and (1) 300 psi blow off. Mounted on an 8″ SS Sch 40 welded vessel via 8” blind flange, then mounted on a portable 2 wheel hand cart.

Inlet valve is on the bottom & outlet valve is on the top of the vessel. The 300 psi blow off is also located on the top as well. The unit is charged with 60 lbs of 8×12 beads. This is good for up to 20,000 lbs of refrigerant. 

  • Dehydrates chiller charges
  • Removed moisture to meet ARI 700 Standards
  • Portable 
  • Vacuum down and reuse desiccant
Refrigerant Reclaim Systems
Portable Desiccant Bed

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